Solar Energy Systems in Temecula CA


Exclusive Solar is an organization owned by a disabled 18 year veteran of the United States Marine Corp, and partners who came together with the same mindset and mission to change how solar is being sold to consumers.
With so many solar companies in the industry looking to profit off a booming industry, many of them forgotten consumers are the driving force in the solar industry with their opinions and approvals.  These bad apples      (fly by day solar companies) are only in it for themselves and have taken advantage of the consumer's lack of knowledge through the use of pressure sales tactics, improper system designs, shady craftsmanship, and inflated prices.
Exclusive Solar was organized with a purpose of putting the consumers needs back at the front of industry priorities by promising our customers a program that best fits their needs and situation. This is accomplished doing a complete evaluation of customers circumstances first and then educating the customer.  We carry state funded options, purchase options, PPA options as well as 12 and 20 year loan options.  It shouldn't be about what's best for Exclusive Solar's pocket, instead, it should be about what's going to benefit the customer the most.
We also understand our team members are the most important assets and believe they should be compensated as such.  Since they are the backbone of our company our compensation is structured to benefit their efforts.  Come join a TEAM who geniunely cares for both the consumers and its employees.
“Being a great business involves integrity and honesty with the consumer and in today's business world it appears to be a lost art.  Customers should be treated as family not a sale's quota.  Exclusive is prepared to change the way the solar industry is perceived while bringing industry standards back to a respectable level. ”
Shane Dancy
Job Discription
  • Contacting consumers and educating them on the solar program.
  • Providing excellent customer service, explaining the financing option of our solar products.
  • Solution selling, consulting, outbound calling, account management.
  • Expected to contact 12-16 customers per day.
  • Follow up calls, educate consumers on the solar program, and explain the benefits of solar.
  • Keep Detailed Notes and information utilizing google calendar, Sales Rabbit and Salesforce.
  • Dynamic Training. Learn as much as you can about Solar and other sources of renewable energy as they evolve.
  • Look to continuously improve and contribute every day.
  • Computer skills: Updating customer information into our database.
  • Achieving set targets, quotas and company milestones.
  • Working Tuesday through Saturday shift is required.


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